October 2017 Newsletter

1 October 2017

Newsletter, October 2017


ISFRI 2017 Congress, Odense

The combined 6th ISFRI Congress and 12th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers took place in Odense in Denmark May 2017 with participation of 165 men and women from 26 nations and five continents. The venue was at the University of Southern Denmark. The theme of the congress was imaging in times of terror, but many other issues were also presented. The invited lectures concerned investigation of terror incidents in Israel, Norway and France, and forensic imaging of the victims from Malaysian Airline Flight 17. Imaging modalities such as microCT, ultrasound and identification of suspects from video-surveillance cameras was also presented, and there was a lecture on the diagnostic accuracy of the triad in “shaken baby syndrome”. Professor Niels Lynnerup from Copenhagen University held the Gil Brogdon Honorary Lecture. It was a fascinating talk about imaging in archaeology. The scientific sessions and posters concerned a wide variety of subjects, including forensic imaging in veterinary science, and bore witness to the great scientific activity in this field. The congress dinner was held at the beautifully situated manor house Hindsgavl.

ISFRI 2018 Congress, Melbourne

Preparations are continuing for the Congress to be held at the Bayview Eden Hotel in Melbourne Australia on May 10 - 12. The theme of the meeting is Integration of imaging into forensic pathology, the law, criminal investigation and societal aspects of medico-legal death investigation.  There are 4 major keynote speakers including Dr. Michael Pollanen (forensic pathologist), Dr. Owen Arthurs (paediatric radiologist), Professor Gary Edmonds (Professor of Law) and Mr. Jeroen Kroll (medico-legal imaging technologist). The Gil Brogdon Honorary Lecture will focus on the forensic investigation into the skeletal remains of Ned Kelly, a (in)famous Australian bushranger. Functions will include a cocktail party at the Old Melbourne Gaol, site of Ned Kelly’s hanging and a gala dinner at the Bayview Eden Hotel. Workshops on DVI, PMCT and NAI in children will be held in the days prior to the Congress. All Congress details can be found at www.isfri2018.com .

ISFRI 2019 Congress, Berlin

Dates and venues are currently being finalised by Dr. Lars Oesterhelweg, Convenor of ISFRI 2019 and will be advertised as soon as they are available.


Given the status of ISFRI as the principal international organization concerned with forensic imaging, enquiries have been received by the board to certify or endorse certain courses and scientific events.

To that end an excellent paper was submitted by Dr. Jane Rutty (Principal lecturer adult nursing, De Montford University, Leicester) to the ISFRI board meeting in Odense. Following that meeting it has been decided that ISFRI:

  1. will institute an accreditation process for educational activities
  2. engage Dr. Jane Rutty to help implement such a process
  3. direct the ISFRI secretary/treasurer to allocate any profit from such a process into an educational fund for use by the board or its subcommittees for development of educational and/or academic activities including the annual Congress
  4. use the term ISFRI Accredited: Education Content for such activities once the certification process has been completed.

Preliminary merger talks with IAFR

ISFRI and IAFR (International Association of Forensic Radiographers) currently have a close relationship with reciprocal membership rights including subscription to JOFRI as well as a representative of that organization on the ISFRI Board and the combining of the ISFRI Annual Congress and IAFR Annual Meeting over the last 3 years (and again in 2018). Given these close links and similar objectives, preliminary talks were held at the ISFRI board meeting in Odense with the Chair of IAFR Committee, Jacquie Vallis as a guest of ISFRI, canvassing the issues associated with merging of the 2 organizations. Following this discussion and creation of preliminary papers by the ISFRI board and IAFR committee, it was agreed that subcommittees of both would work towards the objective of a merged organization. Progress on these talks will be discussed with members at the Annual General Meeting of ISFRI in Melbourne.


Professor Michael Thali, Editor in Chief has requested that any member of ISFRI, who is interested in peer reviewing articles submitted to JOFRI for publication, should contact him by email at Michael.Thali@irm.uzh.ch . Professor Thali is also very keen for all members to consider submitting review articles on forensic imaging to JOFRI. If there are any special topics for a review article you are interested in writing on, please notify the editor. Such articles are not only very important for the dissemination of knowledge to the global forensic imaging community, but also improve the prospects of JOFRI being accepted into the PubMed database.

IAFS 2017, Toronto

Following previous stands at RSNA and ECR it was decided by the ISFRI Board to take the opportunity of promoting ISFRI at IAFS 2017, Toronto in August. The booth allocated by the organizers was in such a fabulous location (bottom of the escalator into the venue) and the Swiss chocolates provided by Professor Thali so delicious that the desk, manned by ISFRI board and other members, received many (often repeat) visitors. This promotional activity at imaging and forensic conferences will continue in the future.

Severe weather conditions in Tampa, Florida

ISFRI secretary, Summer Decker, was recently in the midst of Hurricane Irma and despite having to evacuate her home and hospital office, is back at work. Summer would like to thank all her ISFRI colleagues and stated in a recent email to me “I would like to again thank everyone for all their kind words of support that came at a time most needed. A special thank you to Rick for his ISFRI post on Facebook about us. You have no idea how much each of those messages from around the world meant to all of us. I am grateful to work with such amazing colleagues as all of you. I promise if we ever get the opportunity to host the ISFRI Congress here in Florida, we’ll do it before hurricane season starts”.

Dr. Chris O’Donnell, Chair of the ISFRI Board